Face to face with Tyson Fury!

Hi folks!
The event agency, that brought Mike Tyson to Europe last year, has struck again. Giving me the opportunity to be once again in contact with the world of professional boxing! And once again, I will have a famous Tyson on stage with me. But this Tyson's first name is not Mike … This Tyson's last name is Fury: Tyson Fury!

Tyson Fury, the boxe world champion who put an end to Wladimir Klitschko's long dominance. The athlete who stood just on the brim of the abyss. The boxer who boxed his way back to the top. The man who fought his way back to life …

Tyson Fury's life is like a crazy rollercoaster ride. From the fame and glory of a boxe world champion, to the hell of addiction and depression and back to the top of the boxing world. He will tell me and the audience all this and much more.

I am really looking forward to meeting the Gypsy King … And to ring the ring-bell again!

Well then, see you at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin!