The multilingual presenter Pietro Polidori - Experienced, charming, quick-witted, multilingual

The multilingual presenter and speaker Pietro Polidori

Pietro Polidori is a presenter and an entertainer with heart and soul. For many years now the man is on the stages of various events and on camera for multiple productions all over Europe and beyond. Thanks to his numerous international appearances there are no linguistic nor geographic boundaries for him. The resulting experience, coupled with his multilingualism and his many interests makes him a very versatile presenter.

His many customers appreciate Pietro's combination of professionalism, quick wit, language skills, humour and charm. The ability to captivate his audience on stage is underlined by Pietro's very pleasant voice.

This multilingual presenter has travelled extensively both for work and pleasure. His travels have taken him to many countries in all of Europe, Africa, North America and Asia and he has had the chance to work with people from many different countries and cultures.