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Presentation in 5 languages
Presentation in 5 languages
Already booked in 17 countries
Already booked in 17 countries
Well over 100 presentations
Well over 100 presentations

Presenter + event management = success

This is the proven formula for a successful business event! The key to success is on the one hand a first-class organization and on the other hand the presenter of your event. Both tasks should be placed in professional hands to appropriately show the competences of your company. Experienced professional speakers are masters in their field and know how to use rhetorical and psychological techniques to inspire their audience.

As an entrepreneur, it is in your hands whether your trade fair, event, congress or TV show will be a real success. If you book a presenter you are definitely on the safe side.

What are the main characteristics your event presenter should have? In any case, he should be able to find words that strike with character, precision and power, have a friendly charisma and stand out with broad general knowledge. All of this, along with a dash of humor, is part of the know-how of Pietro Polidori, the popular presenter.

A presenter for your event? It's a must have!

People with keen business acumen have long recognized that a presenter is a must have for events!
Pietro Polidori boosts factual information with soul and real life stories, inspires his audience and – if appropriate – has in stock innocent and suitable jokes.

Pietro Polidori is not only available as event presenter, he is also very convincing in congresses, panel discussions, interviews and TV shows with informative and exciting presentations and – maybe soon – as presenter for your major event too …

Presenter for your event

Are you looking for a presenter for your digital, hybrid or live event? Voilà, Pietro Polidori is very successful in creating crackling atmospheres between the stage and the audience and leads your guests through an event full of emotions and entertainment in up to five languages.

TV presenter

Pietro Polidori hosts your TV show in a confident, refreshing and highly entertaining way. You can also book the presenter for image videos. This professional speaker with his pleasant voice knows exactly how to wrap his audience around his finger.

Trade fair and conference presenter

Do you want more customers at your fair booth? Or a man who turns monotonous product presentations into thrilling highlights? Then Pietro Polidori is the right presenter for your trade fair! He convinces potential customers and important guests with passion and professionalism.

Presenter for Financial Times
Presenter for Microsoft
Presenter for Honeywell
Presenter for Samsung
Presenter for Cognac HINE
Presenter for SEAT
Presenter for BMW
Presenter for Mercedes-Benz EQ
Presenter for ZEISS
Presenter for Lufthansa
Presenter for Panasonic
Presenter for Red Bull
Presenter for Volkswagen
Presenter for Ducati Corse
Presenter for Mercedes Benz
Presenter for John Deere
Presenter for Siemens
Presenter for SAS
Presenter for ALDI
Presenter for RAI
Presenter for Coca-Cola
Presenter for Smart
Presenter for BKT
Presenter for Südtirol
Presenter for Costa Cruises
Presenter for HUAWEI
Presenter for Abbott
Presenter for Bottega Veneta
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