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To the „Crazy Horse“ in Bressanone - Stricker Sprint

To the „Crazy Horse“ in Bressanone - Stricker Sprint

From April 1st to April 3rd I'll be once again the official voice of Stricker Sprint.

It is Europe's biggest Kids-Ski race, taking place for many years now in my hometown Bressanone. Around 1000 children from many different nations will participate in this event, which of course is not limited to the ski races alone. A rich entertainment program awaits the many kids and guests.

For many of the kids this race represents heir first experience at an international contest. And it is this very race, that brought out some of today's ski-stars. I am speaking of champions like Dominik Paris, Peter Fill, Denise Karbon, Benni Raich, Maria Höfl Riesch, Ivica Kostelic, Felix Neureuther, Kristian Ghedina, Manfred Pranger and even Bastian Schweinsteiger. Some of these athletes are often among the event's VIP-guests.

Stricker Sprint (formerly FILA Sprint) is named after its creator: Erwin - Crazy Horse - Stricker, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a visionary...

More about Erwin Stricker can be found here.

Well then, see you in Bressanone's Piazza Duomo from April 1st to April 3rd.



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